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My name is Jose Maria, I live in Helsinki and I’m a Data analyst. I love learning, eating and deep conversations.

A few details about me

  • Born in northern Spain, later I moved to northern Europe, where I have been living > 5 years in both Estonia and Finland.
  • Studied Mechanical engineering, but the frustration of making the same analysis week after week led me to learning R and automatizing processes and got me hooked on analytics.
  • I have been heavily involved with Lean manufacturing, the principles amazes me and I try to apply them outside the factory as well.
  • Music has been a big part of my life, being part of a band in my teenage years, and later becoming an amateur DJ.
  • I love to cook and sharing a good meal with great people around.

Favourite blog posts

Mission and values

From a professional perspective, my mission is to be a change agent towards more informed decision making through data. From a personal perspective, my mission is learning every day, and sharing life with great people.

My main values are honesty, independence, kindness, and simplicity.

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